Cover of Chapbook The Warrior's Stance

Cover, Chapbook
The Warrior’s Stance

“This is a project assigned to me by my late daughter. I have devoted nearly two years to making certain that the poems are exactly as she wrote and processed them and that the additional poems, discovered in her journals, are as close to her intent as humanly possible. Laura’s favorite colors were used and each page is topped with handwritten journal entries. I cannot express how lovely it is and how it fulfills my fondest wishes to bring Laura the recognition she deserves.”
~ Charlene Baldridge



Laura Morefield fought with strength and determination each step of her 2 2/3 years of colon cancer. She and her husband Dan organized and sponsored "Bringing Up the Rear," a golf tournament to raise awareness for colon cancer. She died Sunday, July 17th, 2011 at 7 AM. Contributions will help the fight against colon cancer. One afternoon several months before her death, Laura asked her mom to do her a favor. “Please collect and edit my post-diagnosis poems and make a chapbook of them. I think they are my best.” Also a poet, Mom agreed, and after Laura’s death began putting together a book, ultimately titled The Warrior’s Stance after a line in one of Laura’s poems. Now, two years later, Laura’s book is in print, its cover in Laura’s favorite colors, each page headed with a sample of her unique handwriting. The poems, expressed with clarity and self-compassion, speak of love. They are imbued with grace.

Colon Cancer Alliance

The Colon Cancer Alliance is a
community that provides hope and support to patients and their families while saving lives through screening, access, awareness, advocacy and research. Our vision is for a future free of colon cancer.



Laura Morefield and Charlene Baldridge, 2008
Laura and Charlene, 2008, aboard the Crystal Symphony on a cruise to St. Petersburg.

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